Charmaine and Laszlo – a Backyard Country Wedding, With Zoo Animals

Charmaine and Laszlo own Little Tracks Petting Zoo, a mobile petting zoo just west of Woodstock, Ontario. Their wedding took place in September, 2018 in their yard, steps from where the animals are housed.

Animals are central to every aspect of their lives. In addition to the zoo inhabitants, they also have two great Danes, two horses and a pony. The question wasn’t whether there’d be animal photos, but how many there’d be.

Wedding Day – September 8, 2018

Charmaine, her maid of honour, Jenny, and Jenny’s twin daughters got ready at Charmaine’s mother’s house in Woodstock while Laszlo and his best man, John, had the run of the homestead. There was no first look, so when the women got to the farm the men made themselves scarce by mingling with early-arriving guests out in the yard. I took formal portraits of Charmaine in the house and casual photos of Laszlo outside.

The Outdoor Ceremony

The twin flower girls were the stars of the processional, scattering petals on the grass leading up to the arbor altar. Showing both his informality and his irreverence, Laszlo turned and gave the guests the Shhhh! sign when the officiant asked if anyone knew just cause why the marriage should not go on. The only other comic relief came from the free-range rooster strutting and vocalizing outside the shed, twenty feet from the altar.

The signing of the documents took place at a table overlooking the horse pasture. The entire ceremony had a pleasing, folksy feel to it.

The Informal Formal Photos

Charmaine and Laszlo were both excited to be photographed with their animals. I loved finally having the chance to photograph a bride on a horse. Laszlo was content to remain earthbound.

My other ‘first’ was photographing an alpaca nuzzling a bride.

I really like the formal photo with the great Danes. There’s an air of royalty to the image that I’m happy to have captured.

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