Beci and Phil – High School Sweethearts Reunited

A longish time ago, in a town far, far from Southern Ontario – Amherstburg, to be precise – Beci and Phil were high school sweethearts. As sometimes happens, sweethearts fail to marry one another after high school. And, as also sometimes happens, they don’t quite forget each other.

Move ahead a number of years, and the one-time paramours found themselves unattached at the same time. How they reconnected depends on which of them you ask…

He Said, She Said

Beci’s story: “He friended me on Facebook seconds after I changed back to my maiden name.”

Phil’s story: “She stalked me on Facebook and got my digits.”

The true story seems to be a blend of the above, along with some texts fueled by liquid courage. You know, just like how the pioneers used to court one another.

Beci added that the decades-long journey to reconnecting was like a voyage across the Atlantic in rough seas. I guess that makes Phil her safe harbour.

June, 2017 РOutdoor Ceremony  in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Beci and Phil are as informal a couple as you’ll ever meet. Befitting a couple who know they’ve finally found a good thing, they kept everything simple. They and their wedding party got ready under one roof and posed for pre-ceremony photos in the back yard. The mood was extremely light-hearted throughout.

The party drove from Virgil to Niagara-on-the-Lake, where they boarded a horse-drawn wagon for a traffic-snarling trip to the wedding venue. It’s amazing how forgiving drivers are when a horse, a bride and a groom are involved.

Family and friends gathered at Queen’s Royal Park Gazebo, steps from the Niagara River, for a short, simple ceremony. After some casual photos of the newlyweds and of all the guests in front of the gazebo, the wedding party returned to the waiting horse and wagon. The party met for dinner at The Backhouse, where I took a few photos to complete my work for the day. Simple, informal and imbued with fun.

Making Up For Lost Time

Beci and Phil live in gratitude every day for the circumstances that brought them back together after so many years. I’ve met them for drinks a few times since the wedding, and the conversation always centres on the trips they’ve taken or are about to take. Phil’s job includes some travel, and he takes Beci along when scheduling permits. Their Facebook posts tell a story of a couple maximizing their enjoyment of life.

Every couple’s story is unique. I love hearing everyone’s ‘origin story’, and I feel particularly lucky when I’m able to stay in contact after the wedding. It makes a great job feel like it’s not a job at all.